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Prep IB mission

We launched Prep IB to help students to get into the world of Investment Banking. We have been students ourselves and realised how difficult it is to get into IB without the right preparation especially in such current competitive scenario

We strongly believe that preparation is key to pass the interview process and that prepping with experienced investment bankers provides unique and invaluable insights on the IB interview process

Our main objective is to close the information gap between students of different Universities, we want all students to access the same type of information to compete in all fairness, so that the smartest and hardest working students will get a job offer.

What makes Prep IB different?

Our main strenghts are practical and relevant IB interview process experience coupled with an extensive network of experienced investment bankers. Our aim is to become not only your preferred choice to prep for the IB interview process but also your mentor to guide you towards your dream job in Finance

We cover all the relevant steps of the IB interview process and teach you all you need to know to pass the application process and the interview, from CV and Cover Letter review to online test and assesment centre preparation.


Who are the coaches?

We select individually all the coaches coming from leading internatonal investment banks, we run a very selective approach and all coaches must have prior tutoring and mentorship experience.

How can I choose my coach?

We highly recommend taking the 15 minutes free private introductory consultation. You will speak with an experienced investment banker who, based on your preferences and background, will suggest which session to take and which coach to choose

Therefore, we will allocate the coach based on your availability and background (e.g. nationality, university, IB application division), after the first session you can choose whether to keep or change your coach.


How many sessions can I book?

You can book as many session as you want, to get a full preparation for the application and the interview process we recommend you take sessions number 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Where the sessions would take place?

The sessions would take place online, we will send you an invite with Zoom/other video conference providers after your booking so that you can do a video call with your coach​.  Coaches might share their screen and present slides​.

I would like to do a more tailored session (e.g. just want career advice), which session should I book?

Select "5" if you wish to receive more tailored coaching sessions (e.g. capital markets, sales and trading, private equity, just want to receive career advice).


How can I buy the course?

You can buy the course exclusively online, payments are accepted with credit/debit card or paypal.

Why the online course is different from 1 to 1 coaching sessions?

The online course focuses on "what you really need to know" to increase your chances to get and pass the interview. Coaching sessions would go into more details on the topics you would like to cover.

Where the online course would take place?

We are using the Thinkific platform for the Online Course, one of the leading e-learning platform. The course is made up of several short videos that cover a specific topic with supporting slides.

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